Best Handlebar Extender For Electric Scooter

Top 5 Best Handlebar Extender For Electric Scooter Reviews

Looking to level up your electric scooter game? Say hello to the game-changer – the “Best Handlebar Extender For Electric Scooter”! Tired of that cramped feeling on your rides? We’ve got your back, or rather, your handlebars. In this guide, we’ll unravel the secrets to a more comfortable and enjoyable scooter experience. Why settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary awaits? Buckle up (or should I say, handle up?), as we explore the ultimate solution for scooter enthusiasts. Ready for a smoother, more exhilarating ride? Let’s dive in!

Image Product Our Rating Price
61kNyrH9LQL._AC_SL1500_ Yizhet Lightweight Durable Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Extender 5 star Check Price
81SCEYDSYyL._AC_SL1500_ Yungeln Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Extender  5 star Check Price
61xAVcBBXlL._AC_SL1500_ Yizhet Electric Scooter Lightweight Handlebar Extender 5 star Check Price
614fvtbjnZL._AC_SL1500_ Redcomets USB Rechargeable Handlebar Extender for EScooter  5 star Check Price
71TMRVqxJaL._AC_SL1500_ TOMALL Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Extender for Electric Scooter 5 star Check Price

Here Are The Top 5 Best Handlebar Extender For Electric Scooters

1: Yizhet Lightweight Durable Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Extender

MaterialAluminum alloy
Item Weight3.52 ounces
Handlebars Suitable18-34mm
CompatibilityHandlebars from 25.4 mm to 31.8 mm

Upgrade your electric scooter experience with the Yizhet Handlebar Extender – a game-changer in comfort and customization, designed to elevate your ride seamlessly.

User’s Perspective:

Your scooter rides just got comfier! The Yizhet Handlebar Extender caters to your needs, fitting seamlessly into your electric scooter experience. It’s all about enhancing your ride from your perspective.

Expertise and Knowledge:

This extender isn’t just aluminum; it’s a durable alloy designed with your scooter’s needs in mind. No rust, no fuss. The double clamp and rubber pads? Trust me, that’s the game-changer for a secure and scratch-free grip.


Look no further than the screws and hexagon wrench—it’s practically foolproof to install. The evidence? In the details. Quality components ensure a hassle-free experience, reinforcing the authenticity of its design.

Quantitative Measurements:

Let’s get technical. The extender effortlessly accommodates handlebars from 25.4 mm to 31.8 mm, covering all bases. The measurements are more than numbers; they’re the assurance of a perfect fit for your scooter.

Standout Features:

What sets it apart? Versatility. From bike lights to GPS, this extender transforms your scooter into a customized dream ride. It’s not just an accessory; it’s an upgrade.


  • Wide handlebar compatibility
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Secure double clamp and protective rubber pads
  • Easy installation with quality screws
  • Versatile for various accessories


  • Positioning requires attention due to handlebar variations

Transform your scooter into a personalized dream ride. Yizhet’s Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Extender ensures comfort, security, and versatility for an unrivaled electric scooter journey.

2: Yungeln Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Extender for Electric Scooter

MaterialAluminum alloy
Item Weight5 ounces
Suitable forElectric scooters and Mountain Bicycles
Handlebar Compatibility25.4mm to 31.8mm

Revolutionize your electric scooter experience with the Yungeln Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Extender. Unlock extra space, safety, and convenience for a ride like never before.

User’s Perspective:

Make your electric scooter journey better with the Yungeln Handlebar Extender. It’s a game-changer for riders. Experience added convenience and safety with clutter-free handlebar space.

Expertise and Knowledge:

This extender is made from high-quality aluminum alloy. It is ultra-light and durable. The anode processing? Say goodbye to rust and fading, ensuring a lasting scooter upgrade.


Thick rubber straps and gaskets scream stability. No slipping, just a secure hold. The evidence is in the details – a testament to the thoughtful design focused on user safety.

Quantitative Measurements:

This extender fits like a glove, compatible with handlebars ranging from 25.4mm to 31.8mm. The performance metrics? Seamless installation within a minute, thanks to the included allen key wrench.

Standout Features:

What sets it apart? Versatility. Beyond just extending, it creates room for your accessories – lamps, phone racks, and more. It’s not just an extender; it’s a handlebar organizer.


  • Durable aluminum alloy construction
  • Secure hold with rubber straps and gaskets
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Versatile for various accessories
  • Broad compatibility with electric scooters and bicycles


  • Gasket required for 25.4mm handlebars

Elevate your ride with Yungeln’s Handlebar Extender—where durability meets versatility. Redefine your scooter journey with added space, stability, and a touch of innovation.

3: Yizhet Electric Scooter Lightweight Handlebar Extender

MaterialCarbon fiber
Clamp Length9.5cm (18-34mm) / 7cm (25.4mm or 31.8mm)
Bracket Length20/25/30/40cm (Depends on your choice)
Suitable for Handlebars18-34mm in diameter

Get the most out of your electric scooter with the Yizhet Handlebar Extender. It adds convenience and customization, giving you an unparalleled ride.

User’s Perspective:

Elevate your electric scooter experience with the Yizhet Handlebar Extender – a user-friendly game-changer that brings convenience and versatility right to your handlebars.

Expertise and Knowledge:

Imagine this: a 25 cm long extension for electric scooters. It fits handlebars with diameters of 18-34mm. This is the result of careful design, ensuring a seamless fit for your scooter.


Crafted from durable carbon fiber, this extender is not just lightweight; it’s a powerhouse of reliability. The stability of the double clamp design is evident. It has rubber pads to prevent slipping and scratching. It provides a secure hold.

Quantitative Measurements:

Let’s talk numbers. With a length of 9.84 inches and a width of 4.61 inches, it’s the ideal extension for adding space to your electric scooter. The proof? Easy installation with a hexagon wrench and top-notch screws.

Standout Features:

What sets it apart? Versatility. From bike lights to GPS holders, this extender transforms your scooter into a customized dream ride. It’s not just an accessory; it’s an upgrade.


  • Extra-long extension for added space
  • Durable carbon fiber construction
  • Secure double clamp and protective rubber pads
  • Easy installation with quality screws
  • Versatile for various scooter accessories


  • Due diligence is needed to find a suitable position for the installation

Upgrade your scooter journey effortlessly. Yizhet’s Carbon Fiber Handlebar Extender offers reliability, versatility, and a touch of innovation for an unmatched electric scooter adventure.

4: Redcomets USB Rechargeable Handlebar Extender for EScooter

Item Weight9.6 ounces
Suitable for Handlebars22 mm to 31.8 mm in diameter
Waterproof LevelIP65

Experience an unparalleled riding journey with the Redcomets USB Rechargeable Handlebar Extender. It revolutionizes your EScooter ride by combining convenience, power, and durability.

User’s Perspective:

Picture this: cruising on your electric scooter, your phone stays charged, and accessories neatly organized. That’s the Redcomets Handlebar Extender—an electric scooter rider’s dream companion.

Expertise and Knowledge:

Designed for EScooters, this extender boasts a built-in 4000mAh charger. The aluminum build? It’s sturdy and corrosion-resistant, ensuring reliability on every ride.


The double protection of high-quality screws and a durable screw buckle? Tried and tested. With easy installation and detachment, it’s a user-friendly experience backed by solid design.

Quantitative Measurements:

At 7.8 inches in length and 0.87 inches in width, it’s perfectly sized for electric scooters. The 4000mAh charger? Enough to keep your phone alive during those extended rides.

Standout Features:

What sets it apart? It’s not just an extender; it’s a power bank for your phone. Versatility reigns—bike lights, speedometers, GPS, or a smartphone rack—your choice.


  • Built-in 4000mAh charger for on-the-go phone charging
  • Sturdy aluminum construction for durability
  • Easy installation and detachment with included hexagon wrench
  • Versatile use for various scooter accessories
  • IP65 waterproof for reliability in all weather


  • The extender’s length might not suit smaller scooters

Elevate your EScooter adventures effortlessly. Redcomets’ Handlebar Extender merges practicality and power, ensuring a charged phone and organized accessories for a seamless ride.

5: TOMALL Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Extender for Electric Scooter

MaterialAluminum Alloy
Item Weight4.8 ounces
Extender Length20.2cm
Suitable for Handlebars25.4mm to 31.8mm in diameter

Elevate your electric scooter journey with TOMALL’s Aluminum Alloy Handlebar Extender—a sleek solution to maximize space, enhance versatility, and ride with ultimate convenience.

User’s Perspective:

Imagine effortlessly expanding your electric scooter’s capabilities—TOMALL’s Handlebar Extender does just that, making your rides more versatile and organized.

Expertise and Knowledge:

Crafted from ultra-light aluminum alloy, this extender is your ticket to durability without the bulk. It’s not just an accessory; it’s a solution designed with your scooter experience in mind.


The double clamp design with sturdy screws and rubber gaskets isn’t just on paper; it’s a real-world assurance of a secure grip. The installation is a breeze—no complex maneuvers, just a quick setup with the included Allen Key Wrench.

Quantitative Measurements:

At 20.2cm, it adds valuable space to your handlebars. No more struggling with crowded accessories. The compatibility with handlebars ranging from 25.4mm to 31.8mm ensures a fit for various electric scooters.

Standout Features:

What sets it apart? It’s the little details—the premium aluminum build, the simplicity of installation, and the adaptability to different scooter models. Your scooter’s handlebar isn’t just extended; it’s upgraded.


  • Ultra-light aluminum alloy for durability without weight
  • Secure double clamp design with rubber gaskets
  • Quick and easy installation with the provided Allen Key Wrench
  • Versatile compatibility with different handlebar sizes
  • An extra 20.2cm of space for accessories


  • May require a gasket for 25.4mm handlebars

Transform your scooter experience effortlessly. TOMALL’s Handlebar Extender merges durability, simplicity, and adaptability, creating a game-changing accessory for your electric scooter adventures.

Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Best Handlebar Extender For Electric Scooter

How to Choose the Right Handlebar Extender for Your Electric Scooter?

To choose a handlebar extender, start by assessing your scooter’s handlebar size. Make sure it is compatible. Measure it to choose an extender that fits.

Consider the material of the extender—aluminum alloy is a popular choice for its lightweight and durable nature. It ensures your scooter stays agile while providing the needed support for accessories.

Next, focus on the extender’s length. A sweet spot is crucial—long enough to accommodate accessories, but not too long to compromise stability. Aim for a balance that suits your specific needs.

Explore user reviews to gain insights into real-world experiences. Learn about the community’s experience with the extender’s installation, durability, and performance.

What Features Define the Best Handlebar Extender for Electric Scooters?

A standout extender should have secure double clamps. The clamps should have rubber gaskets to ensure a firm grip. The firm grip should not compromise the handlebar’s integrity. This feature prevents sliding during rides.

Look for extender designs that help easy installation. For a hassle-free setup, you should include a tool kit, with an Allen Key Wrench. Quick installation enhances your overall riding experience.

Consider the extender’s versatility. The top ones fit different handlebar sizes, adapting to e-scooters. This versatility ensures you won’t outgrow your extender if you switch scooters.

Which Electric Scooter Models Are Compatible with Handlebar Extenders?

Electric scooters like XIAOMI M365 and Ninebot ES1, ES2 can utilize handlebar extenders. Many mountain bike models can also benefit from using handlebar extenders. Ensure to check the extender’s specifications for compatibility with your specific scooter model.

Before making a purchase, reach out to the scooter community. Join forums or social media groups. Riders share experiences with handlebar extenders. Real-life testimonials offer valuable insights into compatibility and overall satisfaction.

Remember to choose the best handlebar extender for your electric scooter. This extender integrates and provides extra space for accessories. Plus, it maintains safety and stability.

Why is Adjustable Length Crucial in Selecting a Handlebar Extender?

The adjustability of a handlebar extender plays a pivotal role in customization. You can choose an extender with adjustable length. It allows for fine-tuning the extra space to your needs. This includes the accessories you plan to mount.

Consider the adaptability of an extender that allows you to extend or retract based on your preference. This feature enables you to strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics.

What Materials Ensure Longevity in Electric Scooter Handlebar Extenders?

Longevity is a key factor in selecting an electric scooter handlebar extender. Aluminum alloy emerges as a hero in this aspect—lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable. Anodized surfaces protect against rust and fading. They ensure your extender lasts long.

Choosing a handlebar extender made of high-quality materials ensures durability. It also adds to the overall look of your scooter. The sleek design enhances the visual appeal of the product. 

Robust materials provide practical utility to the item.

How to Install and Maintain Your Electric Scooter Handlebar Extender?

Installation should be a breeze, even for beginners. Choose an extender with a simple installation kit. The kit includes an Allen Key Wrench. The process should be straightforward, allowing you to set up your extender within minutes.

For maintenance, periodically check the screws and clamps for tightness. Make sure the rubber gaskets are in good condition. They prevent slippage and are crucial. Perform a quick inspection during routine scooter maintenance. This will keep your handlebar extender in optimal condition.

Regularly clean the extender to prevent dirt or debris buildup, especially around moving parts. Maintain the functionality and aesthetics of your handlebar extender easily. Just wipe it with a damp cloth.

FAQs About Best Handlebar Extender For Electric Scooter

  1. What are the key benefits of using a handlebar extender for my electric scooter?

    Handlebar extenders enhance your electric scooter experience by providing additional space for mounting accessories such as lights, GPS devices, and phone holders. They promote convenience and accessibility during rides.

  2. How do I determine the compatibility of a handlebar extender with my electric scooter model?

    To ensure compatibility, measure your electric scooter’s handlebar diameter accurately. Choose an extender with specifications that align with your scooter’s handlebar size, considering variations between different models.

  3. Are handlebar extenders easy to install, or do I need professional assistance?

    Handlebar extenders are designed for easy installation. They often require basic tools, such as an Allen Key Wrench. Most users can install them without professional assistance, following straightforward instructions provided by the extender.

  4. Can I adjust the length of a handlebar extender to suit my riding preferences?

    Yes, many handlebar extenders come with adjustable lengths, allowing you to customize the extra space based on your riding preferences and the accessories you plan to mount. This adaptability adds versatility to your electric scooter setup.

  5. What materials are best for durability in electric scooter handlebar extenders?

    For optimal durability, opt for handlebar extenders made from materials like aluminum alloy. These materials are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable. Anodized surfaces further protect against rust and fading, ensuring a long-lasting extender.

Final Thoughts About Best Handlebar Extender For Electric Scooter

In the thrilling saga of scooter upgrades, the handlebar extender steals the spotlight as the unsung hero. So, kudos to the humble extender for turning our scooters into cosmic chariots of convenience! Fellow riders, go forth with your extended handlebars and conquer the urban terrain. Embrace your role as modern-day knights of the scooter realm! Onward, to the handles of glory!

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