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Top 5 Best Chain Lock For Electric Scooter Reviews

Are you looking to keep your electric scooter safe and sound? Look no further, because we’re about to dive into the world of the Best Chain Lock For Electric Scooter!

Picture this: You’re cruising down the city streets on your zippy e-scooter, and the last thing you want is for it to vanish into thin air when you’re grabbing that well-deserved coffee. 

That’s where our guide comes in! We’ll unveil the top picks, share expert insights, and reveal the secrets to scooter security. So, if you want to keep your wheels rolling, join us on this journey to discover the ultimate chain lock. Let’s lock and move!

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Here Are The Top 5 Best Chain Locks For Electric Scooters

1: Kryptonite Keeper 785 Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Chain Lock For EScooter

Special FeatureHigh-security design with pick/drill-resistant cylinder and weather-resistant nylon sleeve.
Lock TypeKey Lock
Material3T Manganese Steel
Chain Length2.8 feet (85 cm)
Chain Size7mm four-sided chain links
Weight3.50 lbs (1.59 kg)
Key TypeStainless Steel Keys (2 included)

Enter the Kryptonite Keeper 785 Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Chain Lock for eScooters. Here’s why this beast of a chain lock stands out:

User’s Perspective: 

As a savvy eScooter owner, you demand the best protection, and the Keeper 785 delivers. It’s robust, easy to use, and provides that “I’ve got this” feeling when you lock up your ride.

Expertise and Knowledge: 

Kryptonite, a trusted name in security, uses 3T manganese steel to craft 7mm four-sided chain links that are practically impenetrable. They’ve designed this lock with extensive know-how to eliminate any weak points, making it a fortress on wheels.


The hardened deadbolt design and pick/drill-resistant disc-style cylinder. These features aren’t just jargon; they’re solid proof that Kryptonite means business when it comes to protecting your eScooter.

Quantitative Measurements: 

You’ll find this chain lock is 2.8 feet (85 cm) long, offering versatility without being overly bulky. Its 3.50 lbs (1.59 kg) weight, while not featherlight, provides a sturdy feel.

Standout Features: 

Kryptonite goes the extra mile with a weather-resistant nylon sleeve that prevents scratches, a key safe program for replacements, and even anti-theft protection. If your scooter is your baby, this lock is its guardian.



The Kryptonite Keeper 785 Chain Lock doesn’t just lock; it guards your freedom on two wheels with unmatched expertise and innovation. Ride confidently, knowing your eScooter is in safe hands.

2: Titanker Security Anti-Theft Chain Lock For Electric Scooter

Special FeatureAnti-theft, Heavy Duty, Portable
Lock TypeKey Lock
Chain Length3.3 feet (Approximately 1 meter)
Chain Size8mm thick chain links
Weight2.5 pounds (Approximately 1.13 kg)
Key TypeTwo keys included

Searching for the ultimate safeguard for your electric scooter? Enter the Titanker Security Anti-Theft Chain Lock – it’s the real deal:

User’s Perspective: 

Imagine locking up your e-scooter with confidence. The Titanker chain lock delivers the security and peace of mind you need, ensuring your prized possession stays exactly where you left it.

Expertise and Knowledge: 

Crafted with an 8mm thick, cut-resistant chain and protective cloth sleeve, this lock means business. It’s designed to keep thieves at bay.


The two included keys, the clever key removal mechanism after locking, and the rugged steel build are all signs that Titanker takes your scooter’s security seriously.

Quantitative Measurements: 

At 3.3 feet long, this lock offers flexibility without being cumbersome, and it tips the scales at 2.5 pounds – manageable for daily use.

Standout Features: 

The protective cloth sleeve keeps your scooter’s finish scratch-free, and the key redundancy is a bonus you’ll appreciate if one goes missing.


  • Heavy-duty 8mm chain for top-notch security.
  • Portable and lightweight for everyday use.
  • Protective cloth sleeve to prevent scratches.
  • Comes with two keys for convenience.


  • Slightly heavier compared to lighter alternatives.

The Titanker Security Anti-Theft Chain Lock is your guardian angel. It combines security, portability, and durability, ensuring your electric scooter remains safe and sound wherever you roam.

3: NDakter Resettable Combination Chain Lock For Electric Scooter

Special FeatureResettable 5-digit combination for enhanced security
Lock TypeCombination Lock
MaterialZinc Alloy (Lock Cylinder), Alloy Steel (Chain)
Chain Length3.2 feet (Approximately 1 meter)
Chain Size0.24 inches (8mm) thick chain links
Weight24.16 ounces (Approximately 685 grams)
Key TypeKeyless combination lock with 100,000 possible codes

Protect your electric scooter with the NDakter Resettable Combination Chain Lock – the ultimate security solution offering unbeatable strength and convenience.

User’s Perspective: 

Imagine cruising on your e-scooter, knowing it’s protected by an impenetrable fortress. NDakter’s 5-digit combo lock offers security and peace of mind like no other.

Expertise and Knowledge: 

With a zinc alloy lock cylinder and 0.24-inch steel chain, this lock is drill-resistant and tough to crack. It’s crafted to keep your scooter safe.


The scratch-proof fabric sleeve shields your ride, while the 5-digit combo offers 100,000 possible codes, making it virtually unbreakable. No more fumbling for keys!

Quantitative Measurements: 

At 3.2 feet long and 24.16 oz, it’s flexible, lightweight, and versatile. Perfect for your daily commute.

Standout Features: 

Customizable combination, scratch-proof protection, and a one-year warranty set it apart from the crowd.


  • Top-tier 5-digit combo for maximum security.
  • Durable zinc alloy and steel build.
  • Scratch-proof fabric sleeve.
  • Keyless convenience with countless combinations.
  • Versatile for securing e-scooters and more.


  • Check fit for scooter wheels before purchase.

In the realm of electric scooter chain locks, the NDakter Resettable Combination Chain Lock stands tall. It blends security, convenience, and durability, ensuring your e-scooter remains your trusty ride, always.

4: UBULLOX Anti-Theft Resettable Combination EScooter Chain Lock

Special FeatureResettable 5-digit combination for enhanced security
Lock TypeCombination Lock
MaterialAlloy Steel (Chain), PE Plastic (Lock Head), Zinc Alloy (Lock Cylinder)
Chain Length36 inches (Approximately 0.91 meters)
Chain Size0.24 inches (8mm) thick chain links
Weight1.71 pounds (Approximately 775 grams)
Key TypeKeyless combination lock with up to 100,000 possible codes

When it comes to protecting your electric scooter, the UBUOLLOX Combination Chain Lock is your trusty companion.

User’s Perspective: 

Imagine effortlessly securing your e-scooter with a 5-digit combination lock. No more lost keys or worries about theft.

Expertise and Knowledge: 

Crafted with a drill-resistant steel chain, zinc alloy lock cylinder, and smooth plastic lock head, it’s built to withstand attacks.


With up to 100,000 possible code combinations, this lock is virtually impenetrable. Plus, it comes with a scratch-resistant sleeve for added protection.

Quantitative Measurements: 

At 36 inches in length and 1.71 pounds, it’s portable and practical for daily use.

Standout Features: 

The user-friendly lock head design and durable construction make it a cut above the rest.


  • High-security 5-digit combination.
  • Sturdy and drill-resistant steel chain.
  • User-friendly lock head.
  • Scratch-resistant sleeve.
  • Versatile for various applications.


  • Requires regular lock cylinder maintenance.

Its advanced security, user-friendly design, and durability set it apart, ensuring your scooter stays right where you left it.

5: Kryptonite Keeper 712 Anti-Theft Chain Lock For Electric Scooter

Special FeatureDurable
Lock TypeChain Lock
MaterialStainless Steel
Chain Length4 feet (48 inches)
Chain Size7mm four-sided chain links made from 3T manganese steel
WeightNot specified
Key TypeKeyed lock with included keys

The Kryptonite Keeper 712 Anti-Theft Chain Lock is your go-to solution:

User’s Perspective:

Imagine confidently leaving your e-scooter knowing it’s guarded by a 48-inch chain of ultra-durable 3T manganese steel. No more fretting about theft.

Expertise and Knowledge:

Kryptonite’s ingenious design, with a patent-pending end link and a drill-resistant cylinder, sets this lock miles apart from the competition.


The weather-resistant nylon sleeve keeps your scooter scratch-free, and the 7mm four-sided chain links are impervious to common hand tools.

Quantitative Measurements: 

With a 48-inch length, it offers adaptability and ease in securing your scooter.

Standout Features: 

Unmatched durability, cutting-edge security, and weather resistance make it the ultimate choice for scooter owners.


  • Ultra-strong 3T manganese steel chain.
  • Innovative end link design.
  • Drill-resistant cylinder.
  • Weather-resistant nylon sleeve.
  • Versatile and user-friendly.


  • No cons.

When it comes to safeguarding your electric scooter, the Kryptonite Keeper 712 is your unwavering ally. Its unparalleled strength, smart design, and top-tier security features make it the ideal pick for protecting your valuable ride.

Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Best Chain Lock For Electric Scooter

How to Choose The Best Chain Lock for Electric Scooter?

Selecting the right chain lock for your electric scooter can be a daunting task, given the myriad of options available in the market. To make an informed decision, consider the following factors:

1. Security Level

When it comes to chain locks, security is paramount. Look for locks that have been tested and certified by reputable organizations for their effectiveness in deterring theft. Opt for chain locks with high-security ratings to ensure maximum protection for your electric scooter.

2. Chain Length and Thickness

The length and thickness of the chain play a crucial role in determining the lock’s security. A longer and thicker chain is harder to cut or break. Measure the circumference of the objects you’ll be securing your scooter to and choose a chain that comfortably fits around them while still allowing room for maneuvering.

3. Locking Mechanism

Chain locks come with various locking mechanisms, such as key-based locks, combination locks, and even smart locks with Bluetooth connectivity. Each has its pros and cons, so select the one that suits your preferences and lifestyle best.

4. Portability

Since electric scooters are designed for easy transportation, it’s essential to choose a chain lock that’s lightweight and portable. Look for locks that are easy to carry when not in use, as you wouldn’t want a bulky chain hindering your scooter’s convenience.

5. Durability

The durability of the chain and lock components is another critical consideration. Chain locks are exposed to various weather conditions, so opt for a lock made from materials that are rust-resistant and built to withstand the test of time.

6. Brand Reputation

Research reputable brands that have a track record of producing high-quality chain locks for scooters. Reading customer reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow electric scooter enthusiasts can help you make an informed choice.

What Is a Chain Lock for Electric Scooters and Why Do You Need One?

Defining a Chain Lock

A chain lock for electric scooters is a security device consisting of a chain and lock mechanism designed to deter theft and protect your scooter from unauthorized use. These locks are typically made from hardened steel or alloy materials, ensuring they are resistant to cutting and tampering.

The Need for Security

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas due to their eco-friendliness and ease of use. However, their lightweight and compact design makes them vulnerable to theft. Without proper security measures, your cherished electric scooter could be gone in a matter of seconds.

Investing in a chain lock serves two primary purposes:

Theft Deterrence: 

Chain locks act as a visual deterrent to potential thieves. When they see your scooter securely locked, they are less likely to attempt theft.

Security Assurance: 

Chain locks provide peace of mind, knowing that your electric scooter is protected even when you’re not around. You can leave it parked in public spaces without constant worry.

What Materials and Features Should You Look for in a Chain Lock?

Materials Matter

The materials used in a chain lock play a significant role in determining its effectiveness. Look for chain locks made from high-quality materials such as:

Hardened Steel: 

Hardened steel chains are extremely resistant to cutting and sawing. They offer excellent protection against theft.


Alloy chains combine strength with reduced weight, making them a practical choice for portable security.

Vinyl Coating: 

Some chains come with a vinyl coating, which not only adds a layer of protection against weather but also prevents scratching your scooter’s frame.

Anti-Pick Features

For added security, consider chain locks with anti-pick features in the lock mechanism. These features make it extremely difficult for thieves to manipulate the lock open with picking tools.

Weather Resistance

Electric scooters often brave various weather conditions. Ensure your chain lock is weather-resistant, with rust-resistant materials and a protective cover for the keyhole.


As mentioned earlier, portability is essential for electric scooter users. Look for chain locks that are lightweight and easy to carry. Some locks even come with special mounts that allow you to attach them to your scooter when not in use.

How to Properly Lock Your Electric Scooter Using a Chain Lock?

Ensuring your electric scooter is properly secured is as crucial as choosing the right chain lock. Follow these steps to lock your scooter effectively:

1. Find a Secure Anchor Point

Look for a sturdy object to which you can secure your scooter. This could be a bike rack, a post, or any fixed structure. Make sure it’s not easily removable.

2. Pass the Chain Through the Scooter and Anchor

Thread the chain through the frame of your electric scooter and the chosen anchor point. Ensure the chain wraps around the scooter’s main components, such as the stem and wheel, to prevent the scooter from being carried away.

3. Secure the Lock

Insert the lock into the chain’s end, ensuring it passes through both ends of the chain. Lock it securely, and double-check that it cannot be easily manipulated or opened.

4. Test the Lock

Give the lock a gentle tug to ensure it’s properly engaged. Ensure there is no slack in the chain that a thief could use to gain leverage.

By following these steps, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of theft and increase the chances of enjoying your electric scooter hassle-free.

FAQs About Best Chain Lock For Electric Scooter

  1. What is the best chain lock for my electric scooter?

    The best chain lock for your electric scooter depends on your specific needs and preferences. Look for high-security-rated locks made from durable materials like hardened steel or alloy for optimal protection.

  2. How do I choose the right chain lock for my electric scooter?

    To select the right chain lock, consider factors like security level, chain length and thickness, locking mechanism, portability, durability, and brand reputation. Choose one that aligns with your scooter’s security requirements and your lifestyle.

  3. Are there any chain locks specifically designed for electric scooters?

    While there are no chain locks exclusively designed for electric scooters, you can choose any high-quality chain lock suitable for bicycles or motorcycles. Ensure it meets your scooter’s security needs in terms of size and strength.

  4. How do you chain lock an electric scooter?

    To chain lock your electric scooter, find a secure anchor point, pass the chain through the scooter frame and anchor, secure the lock, and test it for proper engagement. Follow these steps as outlined in the guide above for effective locking.

  5. What is the safest lock for an electric scooter?

    The safest lock for an electric scooter is one with a high-security rating, made from hardened steel or alloy, and equipped with anti-pick features. It should also be weather-resistant and compatible with your scooter’s dimensions for maximum protection.

Final Thoughts About Best Chain Lock For Electric Scooter

So there you have it, folks! Finding the perfect chain lock for your electric scooter is like finding the ideal topping for your pizza – it’s all about personal taste and the right ingredients.

Remember, a great chain lock is your scooter’s best buddy, keeping it safe while you scoot away to your heart’s content. Now, go lock it up and ride on with confidence!

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