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1. Awstroe Electric Scooter Plastic Thumb Throttle with Display

Highlighted Features:

  • The throttle is very durable and practical.
  • It has a plastic thumb design which makes it comfortable to use.
  • It also has a display screen that shows the speed of the electric skateboard or scooter.
  • The display is perfect for home use with electric skateboards or scooters.
  • The throttle Display is easy to install and use.

The electric thumb throttle has a durable plastic thumb throttle with a display. It is perfect for electric skateboards, electric scooters, and home-use E-mountain bikes.

The throttle has a fast response and a comfortable feel. The display shows the speed, battery level, and power mode. The throttle is easy to install and use.

Overall, I am very happy with the purchase of my electric thumb throttle. It is a great addition to my electric skateboard and makes it much easier to use.

The plastic is very durable and I have had no problems with it so far. The display is also very helpful and easy to read.

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an electric thumb throttle.

awstroe Electric Thumb Throttle, Practical Durability Plastic Thumb Throttle with Display, for Electric Skateboard Electric Scooter Home Use E‑Mountain Bike(60v)

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2. Dioche Electric Scooter Waterproof LCD Display

Highlighted Features:

  • The Electric Motor Controller is easy to install and very user-friendly.
  • It is a very powerful motor controller that can handle up to 350 watts.
  • The LCD display is very clear and easy to read.
  • The motor controller is very well-made and very sturdy.
  • It is a great value for the price and highly recommended.

Electric Motor Controller, 36V-48V Waterproof LCD Display Panel Brushless Controller Kit for Electric Bicycle Scooter

This electric motor controller is specially designed for electric bicycle scooters. It supports a 350W motor with 24V-48V voltage.

With a waterproof LCD display, it is easy to operate. Besides, the brushless controller has powerful braking and sensored start-up. It is really a good choice for electric transportation.


Supports 350W motor with 24V-48V voltage

Easy to operate with a waterproof LCD display

Powerful braking and sensored start-up

This is a great controller! It is easy to install and even easier to use. The LCD display is very clear and easy to read.

The controller has a ton of features, but it is still easy to use. The waterproof feature is a huge bonus, as it means I can use it in all weather conditions.

Electric Motor Controller, 24V-48V Waterproof LCD Display Panel Brushless Controller Kit for Electric Bicycle Scooter (36V/48V 350W)

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3. Dilwe Electric Scooter Rainproof LCD Display

Highlighted Features:

  • This motor brushless controller kit is rainproof, meaning that it can be used in wet weather without issue.
  • The accompanying LCD display makes it easy to monitor the status of the kit and your ride.
  • The brushless controller is powerful, providing up to 350 watts of power.
  • This kit is easy to install, with a simple Plug and Play design.
  • It is compatible with a wide range of electric scooters and bicycles.

This motor brushless controller kit is perfect for electric bicycles, scooters, and other small vehicles. It’s rainproof and easy to install.

The LCD display shows battery voltage, current, speed, and Clock. There are four buttons on the bottom of the LCD for easy operation. The kit includes:

1 x brushless controller

1 x LCD display

1 x throttle

1 x brake lever

1 x M5*10 screw

1 x M5 nut

This controller is amazing! It has everything I need to control my electric scooter and more! The LCD display is really handy because it tells me exactly what is going on with my scooter.

The controller is also rainproof, which is great because I can ride my scooter in the rain without having to worry about the controller getting wet.

Motor Brushless Controller + LCD Display, Rainproof 24V-48V Electric Bicycle Scooter Brushless Controller Kit(24V/36V 350W)

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Buying Guide for best display for electric Scooters

An electric scooter is a great way to get around, but you need to make sure you have a good display. Here are a few things to look for when choosing a display for your electric scooter:

1. Size: Make sure the display is large enough that you can see it easily while riding.

2. Brightness: You’ll want a display that is easy to see in all lighting conditions, so look for one that is bright and easy to read.

3. Features: Some displays come with built-in features like a clock or odometer, which can be handy.

4. Mounting: Make sure the display can be easily mounted on your scooter so you can see it while riding.

5. Power: Some displays require batteries, so make sure you have a way to power them if needed.

With these factors in mind, you should be able to find the best display for your electric scooter.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What Is The Best Display For Electric Scooters?

There Is No Definitive Answer To This Question As It Depends On Personal Preferences. Some People Prefer A Simple Display That Only Shows The Essential Information,

While Others Prefer A More Complex Display That Includes Additional Features Such As A Map Or Turn-by-turn Directions. Ultimately, It Is Up To The Individual To Decide What Is The Best Display For Them.

2. How Do I Choose The Best Display For My Electric Scooter?

Again, This Is A Personal Preference. You Should Consider What Information You Want To Be Displayed, And How Much You Are Willing To Pay For A More Feature-rich Display.

Keep In Mind That Some Displays May Be Difficult To Read In Direct Sunlight, So You May Want To Consider That As Well.

3. What Are The Benefits Of A Display On An Electric Scooter?

Displays Can Provide A Variety Of Benefits, Such As Showing Your Current Speed, Distance Travelled, Remaining Battery Life, And More.

They Can Also Be Used To Navigate, By Showing Turn-by-turn Directions Or A Map Of Your Current Location.

4. Are There Any Downside To Having A Display On My Electric Scooter?

Possible Downsides To Having A Display On Your Electric Scooter Include Increased Cost And Decreased Battery Life. Additionally, Some Displays Can Be Difficult To Read In Direct Sunlight.

5. How Much Does A Display Add To The Cost Of An Electric Scooter?

This Varies Depending On The Features And Quality Of The Display. A Basic Display May Only Add A Few Dollars To The Cost Of An Electric Scooter, While A More Feature-rich Display Could Add Hundreds Of Dollars.

6. Does A Display Decrease The Battery Life Of An Electric Scooter?

Yes, A Display Will Decrease The Battery Life Of An Electric Scooter, As It Is Constantly Drawing Power From The Battery.

The More Features The Display Has, The More Power It Will Use, And The Shorter The Battery Life Will Be.

7. Can I Add A Display To My Electric Scooter After I Purchase It?

It Depends On The Model Of the Electric Scooter. Some Models Come With A Display That Cannot Be Removed, While Others Do Not Come With A Display But Have The Option To Add One.

8. I Don’t Want A Display On My Electric Scooter. Is That An Option?

Yes, There Are Electric Scooters Available That Do Not Come With A Display. However, You Will Likely Have To Sacrifice Some Features, Such As Navigation, In Order To Not to Have A Display.

9. What Are Some Of The Most Popular Displays For Electric Scooters?

Some Of The Most Popular Displays For Electric Scooters Include The Tomtom Rider, The Garmin Edge, And The Wahoo Element.

10. Do I Need A Display On My Electric Scooter?

No, You Do Not Need A Display On Your Electric Scooter. However, They Can Be Very Useful, Especially If You Plan On Using Your Electric Scooter For Navigation.

11. What Are The Different Types Of Displays For Electric Scooters?

There Are Two Main Types Of Displays For Electric Scooters: Lcd And Oled. Lcd Displays Are Cheaper And Use Less Power,

But They Can Be Difficult To Read In Direct Sunlight. Oled Displays Are More Expensive But Provide Better Visibility In Direct Sunlight.

12. Can I Use My Phone As A Display For My Electric Scooter?

Yes, You Can Use Your Phone As A Display For Your Electric Scooter. There Are A Number Of Apps Available That Will Allow You To Do This, Such As The Tomtom My drive App And The Wahoo Elemnt App.


The best display for electric scooters is one that is easily visible and accessible to potential customers.

It should be placed in a high-traffic area with good lighting so that customers can see the scooters and their features.

The display should also be simple and straightforward so that customers can understand the product and make a purchasing decision quickly.

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