How to Make Electric Scooters Faster

How to Make Electric Scooters Faster? Speed Up Your Ride

To make electric scooters faster, you can upgrade their batteries and increase the motor power. These modifications can improve speed and acceleration significantly.

Tired of being left in the dust while your friends zip around on their electric scooters? Wondering how to make electric scooters faster? Well, buckle up and hold on tight because we’ve got the need for speed covered!

In this article, we’ll reveal the secret sauce to making electric scooters faster. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling joyride or a quicker commute, we’ve got you covered. So, how do you unlock that extra oomph? Let’s dive in!

Follow These Effective Tips And Tricks For How to Make Electric Scooters Faster

Improving Your Electric Scooter’S Battery

Electric scooters are an excellent mode of transportation. They are convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly.

However, some electric scooter owners may feel like their scooter’s speed is not as fast as they would like it to be. Did you know that your electric scooter’s battery plays a significant role in determining its speed?

In this section, we will discuss how the battery affects the scooter’s speed, upgrading the battery for more speed, and maintaining the battery for optimal performance. We will also touch on safety factors to consider when dealing with an electric scooter’s battery.

How The Battery Affects The Scooter’S Speed

The battery is the power source for the electric scooter. The power output of the battery affects the speed of the scooter. Here are some key points to consider:

The voltage of the battery has a direct impact on the electric scooter’s speed. The higher the voltage, the faster the scooter will go.

The capacity of the battery is also essential. The more capacity the battery has, the longer the battery will last and the faster the electric scooter will go.

The battery’s ability to discharge at a high current rate is essential for a faster scooter. A battery with a high discharge rate can provide more power to the scooter’s motor.

Upgrading The Battery

Upgrading your electric scooter’s battery is an effective way to increase your scooter’s speed. Here’s how you can do it:

Look for a battery that has a higher voltage rating than your current battery. A higher voltage battery will provide more power to the motor and increase the scooter’s speed.

Consider upgrading to a battery with a higher capacity. This will increase the battery life and provide more power to the motor, resulting in a faster scooter.

Choose a battery that can discharge at a higher current rate. This will allow the battery to deliver more power to the motor, resulting in a faster scooter.

Maintaining The Battery For Optimal Performance

Proper maintenance of your electric scooter’s battery is essential for optimal performance. Charge the battery after every ride. Don’t let the battery drain completely.

Try to keep the battery level above 20%. Store the battery in a cool, dry place. Inspect the battery regularly for any signs of damage or wear.

Safety Factors To Consider

Safety should always be a top priority when dealing with an electric scooter’s battery. Always use the charger that came with the electric scooter or a charger recommended by the manufacturer.

Don’t try to modify the battery or charger. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when charging the battery. Don’t leave the battery charging unattended.

If you notice any signs of damage or wear on the battery or charger, replace them immediately. Upgrading your electric scooter’s battery is an effective way to increase the scooter’s speed.

However, proper maintenance and safety precautions are crucial for optimal performance and your safety. By following these tips, you can enjoy a faster and safer electric scooter ride.

Upgrading The Electric Scooter’S Motor

Understanding The Role Of The Motor In Speed

The motor plays a crucial role in determining the speed of an electric scooter. The motor is the heart of the scooter, which converts electric energy into mechanical energy to power the wheels.

Generally, the motor’s wattage is proportional to the speed of the scooter, which means that a higher-wattage motor will generate more power, resulting in higher speed.

Types Of Motors

There are two types of motors used in electric scooters: brushed and brushless. Brushed motors are less expensive and relatively simple, but they wear out quickly.

On the other hand, brushless motors are durable and have a longer lifespan, making them a popular choice for electric scooters. However, they are slightly more expensive compared to brushed motors.

Upgrading To A Larger Motor

To upgrade the speed of your electric scooter, you might want to consider upgrading to a larger motor. A larger motor will generate more power, resulting in higher speed.

Here are the key points to remember when upgrading to a larger motor:

  • Choose a motor that fits your electric scooter’s frame.
  • Ensure that the motor’s wattage is compatible with your electric scooter’s electrical system.
  • Upgrade the battery to match the motor’s wattage for better performance.

Maintaining The Motor For Optimal Performance

Maintaining the motor is crucial to ensure the electric scooter’s optimal performance. Regularly clean the motor with a dry cloth to remove any dirt or debris.

Check the motor’s bearings and lubricate them periodically. Ensure that the motor’s wires are not tangled or damaged. Store the electric scooter in a dry and cool place to prevent rust.

Safety Factors To Consider

When upgrading the motor or maintaining the electric scooter, make sure to consider the following safety factors:

  • Wear proper safety gear such as a helmet, knee, and elbow pads.
  • Do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended wattage when upgrading the motor.
  • Test ride the electric scooter after upgrading the motor to ensure it’s stable.
  • Follow traffic rules and regulations when operating the electric scooter.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can safely upgrade the motor for better performance and enjoy a faster electric scooter.

Optimizing The Electric Scooter’S Wheels

Electric scooters are an excellent mode of transportation, especially in the city, but if you want to get the most out of your scooter, you have to make sure it’s running at maximum capacity.

One of the most important things you can do to improve your electric scooter is by optimizing its wheels. Here are some essential tips you should know about optimizing the electric scooter’s wheels.

Types Of Wheels

Electric scooters come with different types of wheels. The type of wheels you choose will affect the way your scooter rides and its top speed. There are two main types of scooter wheels:

Solid rubber tires:

These tires have no air in them and are made of hard rubber. They are great for hard surfaces, sidewalks, and pavements.

Air-filled tires:

These tires are made of rubber and are filled with air, similar to bicycle tires. They offer greater speed and better shock absorption, making them perfect for rough terrain surfaces.

Increasing The Wheel Size

Increasing wheel size is one of the most effective ways of making your electric scooter faster. Larger wheels can help increase speed, improve stability, and reduce vibration on bumpy roads.

The downside is that they can add more weight to the scooter, making it less portable. Additionally, larger wheels can make it harder to fit the scooter into small spaces.

Switching To Air-Filled Tires

Switching to air-filled tires can help increase the top speed of your electric scooter. Air-filled tires provide better traction and grip on the road, making them safer on slippery surfaces.

They can also provide better shock absorption, making them perfect for rough terrains. One downside to air-filled tires is that they require more maintenance, as they may get punctured and require air refill.

Maintaining The Wheels For Optimal Performance

It’s essential to maintain your electric scooter’s wheels to ensure that it’s operating at optimal performance. Check your tires for wear and tear. If you notice any cracks or punctures, replace them.

Inflate the tires to the recommended psi. This information can be found in the scooter’s manual. Keep the wheels clean and free of debris. This can help prevent punctures and maintain traction.

Safety Factors To Consider

Safety should always be a top priority when riding electric scooters. Make sure to wear a helmet and other protective gear.

Check the scooter’s brakes to ensure they’re working correctly. Always ride at a safe speed and follow traffic rules. Avoid uneven surfaces and stick to pavements and bike lanes.

Optimizing the electric scooter’s wheels is an effective way to improve its speed, stability, and overall performance. By following these tips and maintaining your scooter’s wheels, you can ensure that it remains safe and fun to ride.

Enhancing The Electric Scooter’S Controller

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular due to their highly eco-friendly nature. Many individuals use them to travel short distances to work or just around the neighborhood.

However, many electric scooter users fail to realize that their scooter comes equipped with a controller that can determine its speed.

If you’re looking to enhance your electric scooter’s speed, upgrading and maintaining its controller is crucial.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the role of the controller in a scooter’s speed, upgrading it, and maintaining it for optimal performance. Let’s get started.

Understanding The Controller’S Role In Speed

The controller is a vital component that controls the flow of power from the battery to the motor in an electric scooter.

If the controller is not functioning correctly, the scooter’s speed is negatively impacted. Therefore, it is essential to understand its role in speed before upgrading or maintaining it.

Here are some pointers that demonstrate how important controllers are to a scooter’s speed:

  • The controller aids in controlling electric current from the battery to the motor, resulting in increased scooter speed.
  • The controller regulates the throttle input according to the intended speed, assisting the user in achieving the desired speed.
  • A subpar controller can result in reduced motor performance, meaning you won’t be able to experience the scooter’s full potential speed.

Upgrading The Controller

Upgrading your electric scooter’s controller can be a game-changer. However, before upgrading, it’s essential to know the type of motor that your scooter uses. Some electric scooter motors are only compatible with specific controllers.

When upgrading your controller, look for a model that delivers strong and consistent performance. A controller with a higher amperage rating is a smart choice if you’re looking for an increase in speed.

Moreover, you can also upgrade to a programmable controller that allows for customization of the acceleration levels and motor voltage.

Here are some points to consider while upgrading the controller:

  • Ensure that the controller is compatible with your scooter’s motor type.
  • Purchase a controller that has a higher amperage rating.
  • Consider a programmable controller that can be customized to your preferences.

Maintaining The Controller For Optimal Performance

Keeping the controller well-maintained is vital for your scooter’s optimal performance. A small glitch in the controller can hugely impact the scooter’s speed. Check the controller’s wiring system regularly and ensure that there is no wear and tear.

Inspect the voltage regularly, and make sure it resides within the limit recommended by your scooter’s manufacturer. If you find any fault or wear and tear, replace the parts immediately to avoid any negative impact on the scooter’s speed.

Safety Factors To Consider

Lastly, safety is an essential aspect to consider while upgrading or maintaining the controller. Always follow the scooter’s manufacturer’s instructions while upgrading or maintaining the controller.

Never try to modify the controller without proper knowledge, as it can damage the controller or cause physical harm to you.

While testing your scooter’s speed after upgrading the controller, make sure to ride at a safe speed and on safe terrain. Upgrading and maintaining your electric scooter’s controller is crucial to enhance its speed safely.

So if you want a faster electric scooter, look to upgrade and maintain your controller regularly. Remember to always put safety first and follow your scooter manufacturer’s instructions.

Upgrading The Electric Scooter’S Brakes

Electric scooters are becoming more and more popular, thanks to their convenience, ease of use, and environmentally-friendly nature.

However, riders looking to make their scooters faster may find themselves struggling with the scooter’s brakes, which must be taken into consideration when modifying the vehicle.

We will explore the importance of brakes at faster speeds and provide some tips for upgrading and maintaining your electric scooter brakes to ensure optimal performance and safety on the road.

Importance Of Brakes In Faster Speeds

The brakes on your electric scooter are an essential component in ensuring safety, especially when you’re trying to increase the vehicle’s speed. Brakes are responsible for slowing you down and keeping you safe while riding.

Faster speeds put more pressure on your scooter’s brakes, making them more critical than ever before. Upgrading your brakes can help you stop quicker, which is crucial when going fast.

Types Of Brakes

There are different types of brakes for electric scooters, each with its pros and cons. Here are the main types of brakes to consider:

Drum brakes:

These brakes use a drum and shoes to slow down your scooter. They tend to be reliable and long-lasting but can be less responsive than other types.

Disc brakes:

These brakes use a rotor and caliper to stop your scooter. They tend to be more responsive than drum brakes, making them a popular choice for many riders, but can be more expensive.

Regenerative brakes:

These brakes capture energy when you brake, storing it in your scooter’s battery to give you extra power when you need it most. They are eco-friendly and can improve battery life, but may not be as responsive as other types.

How to Upgrade The Brake System of Electric Scooters

If you want to make your electric scooter faster, upgrading the brake system is essential to ensure optimal performance. Here are some tips for upgrading your brakes:

Choose the right type of brake for your needs

Consider the pros and cons of each brake type to determine which is the best option for you.

Upgrade brake pads

Higher-quality brake pads can significantly improve your scooter’s stopping power, especially when going fast.

Install a larger brake rotor

A larger brake rotor can help dissipate heat more quickly, allowing you to brake more effectively without overheating.

Consider dual brake calipers

Dual brake calipers can improve braking performance, allowing you to stop quicker and safer.

Maintaining The Brakes For Optimal Performance

Maintaining your scooter’s brakes is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety. Here are some tips for maintaining your brake system:

Regularly check brake pads

Check and replace your brake pads if they are worn down.

Keep the brake system clean

Dirt and debris can build up around your brake system, which can affect performance and reliability. Keep your brakes clean and free of debris.

Regularly adjust brake tension

Proper brake tension is crucial for optimal performance. Regularly check and adjust the brake tension as needed.

Safety Factors To Consider

When upgrading or maintaining your scooter’s brakes, it’s essential to consider safety factors. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Always wear a helmet

No matter how fast you’re going or how good your brakes are, wearing a helmet is crucial for safety.

Test your brakes

Before hitting the road, test your brakes to ensure they’re working correctly.

Stick to safe speeds

While improving your brakes can help you go faster, it’s essential to remember to stick to safe speeds and never exceed the recommended speed limits.

Upgrading and maintaining your scooter’s brakes is essential if you want to make your electric scooter faster. With the right brake system and regular maintenance, you can enjoy fast speeds and safe riding on your electric scooter.

Reducing The Electric Scooter’S Weight

Understanding The Correlation Between Weight And Speed

Regardless of the type of electric scooter, the weight is the most crucial factor that limits its speed. The heavier the scooter is, the slower it goes.

Simply put, it requires more power to move, making the motor work harder to achieve the desired speed. Hence, reducing the weight of the scooter is the most effective strategy to make it faster.

Identifying Areas Of The Scooter That Can Be Lightened

Different parts of an electric scooter contribute to its overall weight. Identifying and reducing the weight of these components can greatly enhance the speed of the scooter. The following are the necessary areas that you should focus on:


Electric scooter batteries are often bulky and heavy. You can replace them with lighter ones to reduce the weight significantly without compromising the battery’s performance.


The frame is the backbone of an electric scooter, but it also contributes to its weight. Using lightweight materials for the frame can reduce the scooter’s overall weight.


Forks, especially the front suspension forks, are a vital component of the electric scooter. They dampen the shocks while riding on uneven terrain but can be heavy. Lighter alternatives like aluminum forks can be used.


The brakes are crucial for the safety of the rider. The traditional brake system can be heavy, so you can make use of lightweight options like hydraulic or electric brakes.

Choosing Lightweight Materials

Choosing the right materials to replace the heavier components is another important aspect to consider. The materials should be durable, lightweight, and, most importantly, safe. Here are some options you can consider:


It has proven to be an excellent choice for the frame and the fork of the scooter due to its lightweight and good strength-to-weight ratio.

Carbon fiber

It is another lightweight material that is strong and durable and has similar properties to steel.


This material is perfect for the wheel rims and suspension of the scooter.

Maintaining The Weight Reduction For Optimal Performance

Reducing the weight of the scooter not only increases its speed but also improves its efficiency and battery life.

Keep the weight reduction in check by regularly inspecting the components, replacing worn-out parts, and avoiding overloading the scooter. Doing so will ensure it continues to function at optimal performance levels.

Safety Factors To Consider

Reducing the weight of the scooter can significantly enhance its speed, but safety remains a significant consideration. Ensure that you choose high-quality materials that are sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear from regular use.

Also, keep in mind that if the weight reduction compromises the integrity of the structure, it could lead to an accident or damage to the scooter beyond repair. Therefore, always prioritize safety over speed.

Optimizing the weight of an electric scooter is the most effective way to improve its speed. Choose lightweight materials to replace the heavy components and maintain the weight reduction to ensure optimal performance. However, never compromise safety in the quest for more speed.

Upgrading The Electric Scooters Suspension

Electric scooters are no longer limited to just children’s playtime or leisurely rides in the park. With advancements in technology, electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation for adults too.

As people look to increase the speed and performance of their electric scooters, upgrading the suspension is a crucial step.

In this section, we will explore the role of suspension in speed, types of suspension, upgrading the suspension, maintaining the suspension for optimal performance, and safety factors to consider.

Role Of Suspension In Speed

The suspension system of an electric scooter plays a crucial role in speed. A good suspension system not only offers a comfortable ride but also helps in maintaining stability when the scooter is ridden over uneven terrain.

The suspension system absorbs the shock created by bumps, potholes, and other obstacles on the road. It allows the scooter to maintain better contact with the road, which ultimately results in better speed and performance.

Types Of Suspension

There are two types of suspension systems available for electric scooters: front suspension and rear suspension.

Front Suspension

This type of suspension system is located on the scooter’s front wheel. It provides a comfortable ride, better control, and better stability while riding over uneven terrain.

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension system is located on the rear wheel. It is designed to provide better stability and control over the scooter while riding at high speeds.

How to Upgrading The Suspension of Electric Scooters

Upgrading the suspension system of an electric scooter can significantly improve its performance and speed. Here are some options for upgrading the suspension:

High-performance shocks

Upgrading to high-performance shocks can provide a smoother ride, better stability, and better control over the scooter at high speeds.

Air suspension

Air suspension is an advanced suspension system that uses compressed air to absorb shock and provide a smoother ride. It is a perfect upgrade for those who often ride over rough terrain.

Replacement of stock suspension

If the stock suspension system on your electric scooter is not performing well, it can be replaced with a high-quality aftermarket suspension system.

Maintaining The Suspension For Optimal Performance

Regular maintenance of the suspension system is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Here are some tips for maintaining the suspension system of an electric scooter:

  • Clean the shocks and forks regularly to prevent dirt and grime from building up.
  • Check the air pressure in the suspension system regularly.
  • Lubricate the shocks and forks periodically to prevent them from seizing up.
  • Replace worn or damaged shocks immediately.

Safety Factors To Consider

When upgrading the suspension system of an electric scooter, several safety factors must be considered to avoid accidents and injuries.

Do not install suspension systems that exceed the capacity of the scooter’s frame. Always wear a helmet and other protective gear while riding an electric scooter.

Test the upgraded suspension system thoroughly before riding at high speeds. Do not make changes to the suspension system without proper knowledge and tools.

Upgrading the suspension system of an electric scooter is an essential step for improving performance and speed. However, it is equally crucial to perform regular maintenance and follow safety measures to avoid accidents and injuries.

With a little effort, you can enhance the performance of your electric scooter and enjoy a smoother and faster ride.

Improving Aerodynamics

Electric scooters are an eco-friendly and cost-effective mode of transportation. However, they often lack the speed that one would desire. Thankfully, there are simple modifications that you can make to enhance its performance, such as improving its aerodynamics.

The importance of aerodynamics

In speed, aerodynamics is the study of the forces of air that affect objects in motion. Electric scooters encounter drag forces that directly impact their speed. The better the aerodynamics, the more the drag force is reduced, and the faster the vehicle can go.

Reducing wind resistance

Wind resistance is the primary cause of drag forces. The ideal way to reduce wind resistance is to cut down the cross-sectional area that the electric scooter presents to the oncoming air. You can achieve this by:

  • Shortening the height of the handlebar;
  • Lowering the scooter’s deck;
  • Utilizing wheels with a smaller radius; and
  • Fitting fairings on the front wheel.

Making The Scooter Sleeker

Streamlining the electric scooter is an effective way to cut down wind resistance as well. Consider fitting an aerodynamic cone on the front handlebar, which will direct the airflow predominantly around and over the rider.

Moreover, adding a rear spoiler to the back of the scooter may provide a significant reduction in the turbulence that occurs behind the rider.

Maintaining the aerodynamics for optimal performance

Maintaining the electric scooter’s aerodynamics is vital to ensure its optimal performance. Always keep the scooter well-maintained, and frequently check the tire pressure to avoid any drag caused by underinflation. Also, remove any unnecessary baggage on the scooter that can slow down its speed.

Safety factors to consider

For electric scooter enthusiasts, speed is always exhilarating. However, while modifying the electric scooter for speed, you must keep safety in mind as well. Always wear protective gear such as a helmet, gloves, and elbow and knee pads.

Moreover, employ appropriate handling techniques and be mindful of speed limits, road ordinances, and traffic rules. Follow these safety measures to avoid any mishaps while maximizing the electric scooter’s performance.

As you can see, improving the aerodynamics of your electric scooter is a simple and effective way to speed it up. Consider the above modifications, and you will get to your destination faster while also being eco-friendly.

Pro Tips For Increasing Electric Scooters Speed

Electric scooters have quickly become a popular mode of transportation for many people. While these vehicles already provide a faster and more efficient way to get around town, you may find yourself wanting to increase their speed even further.

Fortunately, there are several pro tips and best practices you can follow to boost your electric scooter’s speed safely.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of advanced tips, best practices, and common mistakes to avoid so you can make the most out of your electric scooter.

Advanced Tips For Improving Electric Scooters Speed

Here are some advanced tips to help you achieve maximum speed on your electric scooter:

Upgrade the battery:

One of the easiest ways to boost your electric scooter’s speed is to upgrade your battery. A higher voltage battery can provide more power output, resulting in faster acceleration and higher speeds.

Replace the controller:

The controller is the component responsible for regulating the motor. Upgrading to a higher-end controller can lead to a significant increase in speed. It can also enhance the scooter’s performance, increasing its ability to handle inclines and rough terrain.

Change the motor:

Changing the motor is the most effective way to improve your electric scooter’s speed. A more powerful motor can provide higher speeds, more torque, better acceleration, and improved efficiency.

Keep in mind that changing the motor may void the warranty, so make sure to consult your manufacturer before making any modifications.

Best Practices To Increase Speed Without Compromising Safety

Here are some best practices to help you increase your electric scooter’s speed without compromising on safety:

Wear a helmet:

Helmet use is crucial when riding an electric scooter, especially at high speeds. Wear an appropriate helmet that meets safety standards to protect your head from injuries.

Check the tire pressure:

Maintaining optimal tire pressure is key to achieving maximum speed. Refer to your manufacturer’s recommendation for your electric scooter’s tire pressure and make sure to check it regularly.

Keep the scooter maintained:

Regular maintenance can help improve your electric scooter’s performance and speed. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance, ensuring that all components are in good condition.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when trying to make your electric scooter faster:

Overloading the scooter:

Overloading the scooter with heavy supplies or people will decrease speed and strain the motor.

Modifying parts incorrectly:

Changing the critical components of the scooter without expertise or manufacturer approval can cause irreparable damage, voiding the warranty and making the ride unsafe.

Inadequate safety precautions:

Always practice safe riding techniques and follow traffic rules to avoid accidents that may not only damage the scooter but also harm the rider.

By following these tips and best practices, you can safely increase your electric scooter’s speed, making your ride more fun and enjoyable. Remember to always prioritize safety and consult with the manufacturer before making any modifications to your electric scooter.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Make Electric Scooters Faster?

How Can I Make My Electric Scooter Faster?

There are several ways to increase the speed of an electric scooter, including upgrading the battery and motor, adjusting the speed settings, and reducing the weight of the scooter.

Is It Safe To Modify An Electric Scooter For Speed?

Modifying an electric scooter for speed can be risky, as it can compromise the safety and stability of the vehicle. It’s important to do proper research and follow safety guidelines before attempting any modifications.

What Is The Maximum Speed I Can Achieve With An Electric Scooter?

The maximum speed of an electric scooter varies based on the model and make, with some reaching up to a top speed of 25-30 mph. However, it’s important to check local laws and regulations regarding speed limits for electric scooters.

How Does The Weight Affect The Speed Of An Electric Scooter?

The weight of the rider and any additional accessories or equipment can impact the speed and performance of an electric scooter. Reducing the weight can increase the speed and range of the scooter.

Can I Upgrade The Battery Of An Electric Scooter For More Speed?

Upgrading the battery of an electric scooter can improve its speed and performance, but it’s important to ensure compatibility with the scooter and follow safety guidelines to prevent damage or injury.


To sum up, electric scooters are an eco-friendly mode of transportation that is quickly gaining popularity. While they are designed to be safe and efficient, some electric scooter owners may want to know how to make them faster.

By simply tweaking the motor, upgrading batteries, or changing the tires, you can turn your electric scooter into a high-performance vehicle.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that modifying your electric scooter may void its warranty and put your safety at risk. Therefore, it’s always best to seek professional help and follow safety regulations before making any changes to your electric scooter.

If you’re looking to give your electric scooter a speed boost, do your research, and weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision.

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